About me


: Writer, novel, “Evigheten, syster”, 2012, Modernista Publishing house  

: Screenwriter, director (together with Victor Lindgren), short film, “Nikita Forever”, premiered in 2018

: Freelance writer, article about Natsuo Kirino for literary magazine Karavan, poetry for magazine Ottar, short stories for online publication Rymden between 2013-2015.


: 2019-2021, Computer Graphics Design, at the higher vocational school YRGO, Gothenburg


: Argonova, as Motion Designer, sep 2020 – jan 2021

: Fifth Island Music, as Graphic Designer, from feb 2021 – may 2021


My name is Nikita, and I’m a Swedish illustrator and 3D artist.

I decided early on to focus on a combination of 3D and concept art, as it felt like a natural step for my own illustrations to take, or more evolve towards. And I believe that to make something genuinely good you need to have your heart placed right smack dab in the middle of it. So: from a personal space, where I’ve drawn and painted since a very early age, to a professional one, where I help to blow life into storytelling by giving it visual form.

Education wise, my current experience has been made at my 2 internships during my time at YRGO, in Gothenburg, where I’ve studied 3D Graphics and product vizualisation for 2 years. During these internships I have, to take some examples, worked with motion graphics, creating all assets aswell as animations for a re-launch campaign, and also making lyric videos for various artists at the triple conjoined record label Fifth Island Music (also located in Gothenburg).

Before this rebranding into the visual, I’ve worked in other creative fields, as a writer of fiction, some articles, and poetry.

My debut novel was published in 2012, by Modernista publishing house and it was called “Evigheten, syster” (Eternity, sister). I then moved on to write short stories for an online magazine called Rymden (Space), and working on my first short film, which I made together with the wonderful Victor Lindgren and Bautafilm AB. I was responsible for the art direction, and writing the screenplay.

After recieving a production grant from the Swedish film institute (SFI), we made the film during a three week shoot in 2017, and subsequently did post-production til the following year. The film was called “Nikita Forever, and went live on the national public t.v. channel called SVT in the summer of 2018.

Right now, as a writer, I’m slowly pining away on a new novel of suspense, taking place in a small town and the surreal forests of the Swedish north. In my sparetime I make pixel art and work on a tiny game project called “Blue”.

If you wish to contact me for freelance work or other opportunities, you can do so by mail, or sending a contact sheet from below.

Hope you have a nice day,


Nikita Rissanen

Contact sheet

Send this to contact me! Or e-mail at: contact[at]nikitarissanen.com